Tips on Where to Buy the Best Cakes in the Philippines

Tips on Where to Buy the Best Cakes in the Philippines

October 9, 2018 | maigne

Everyone is always looking at places where to buy the best cakes in the Philippines and other delicacies to satisfy their sweet tooth. In Filipino cuisine, there is no shortage of sweet recipes especially on special occasions when the table is not complete without a sugary treat. Cakes are synonymous with many significant meanings in people’s lives. To some, it symbolizes good luck, well wishes, and even love. Choosing cakes for every occasion is not an uncommon practice in the country. For some, they even become disappointed when they miss out on the familiar taste of cakes. There’s no doubt about it, Filipinos love sweet dishes especially baked ones.

The Philippines is where you should go to have the best cakes. This is probably the reason why families all come to love the flavors of these sweet dishes because they have come to know the best qualities that you should look for in a cake. There is a certain allure to cakes that instantly brings positive vibes to Filipinos.

In some situations, relatives instantly ask you, “What is the celebration?” when you bring a cake home. It doesn’t even matter if it’s store-bought, DIY, or custom made, everyone is charmed by cakes! With an array of bakeshop franchises in the Philippines, how exactly are you going choose where to buy the best cakes in Manila? Well here are some tips to help you know how!

Qualities of the Best Cakes

Qualities of the Best Cakes

Quality is what you should look into when selecting where to buy the best cake in the Philippines. It is a given that taste is a primary consideration in choosing cakes but there’s more to reasons to it that are simply overlooked.

Every region in the country has their very own sweet delicacy which sets the bar in the way people would search for the cakes because the best choice should match the preferences of the people. Knowing what to look for in cakes will be the best way to be matched with the perfect cake for you. The best qualities of cake for every occasion are found here, see more of them below.


The best cakes are very fluffy and this is one of the qualities that will help you determine if the cake is the best. The fluffiness of the cake measures the consistency in its baking methods. If it has a certain bounce to it when you touch it, this means that the cake is not too dry and not too wet as well. The best cakes are all because of the proper baking techniques that suppliers do.

You will know that you have found the best cake when one bite of it makes you feel like you have tasted clouds. This is not to say that it should be too soft because a great cake is also firm in texture and consistency. Consider this when you go out to buy the best cakes in the Philippines, where the most satisfactory experience in cake tasting is guaranteed.


When you find a cake that is fluffy enough, you should know that it is no good if it lacks in moistness. Cakes that are soft and moist on the inside while maintaining its fluffiness on the outside is just perfect. Some cakes tend to be over-baked which will result in its dryness.

Although some cakes give justice to a dry texture, the best cakes taste good because of its moist quality. The melt-in-your-mouth taste in cakes is what most people are aiming for because this gives them more reasons to have a second, third, or fourth helping of the delicious pastry heaven.

Flavorful Icing and Frosting

Aside from the chiffon of the cake, the icing should be great in a perfect cake. The best cakes have very flavorful icings and toppings. This should suit the type of cake and how it matches the flavor of the cake. However, you should also remember that the type of icing should depend on the preference of the person.

Select one type of icing and stick with it because it is not a good idea to combine the two of them. Icing can either be soft, hard, or fluffy but always remember the taste and consistency are also primary considerations for this element of the cake. Icing that is too bland or too sweet that it overpowers the cake, is not good.

You should also explore options that incorporate frosting in the cake. Without it, the cake may look or taste boring. Frosting and Icing complete the cake, which is the best reason why you should look for it when you buy cakes.

Overall Appearance

A cake that tastes good should also look good because this will be the reason why you would be attracted to take a bite of it in the first place. This does not necessarily mean that all of the efforts of the baking technique should be put in the appearance of the cake. It should not only look good, but it should be prepared properly as well. Sometimes, a simple style of the cake will surprise you with its unbelievable taste.


The taste of the cake lies in that very first moment when you bite into it and a whole medley of flavors just explodes in your mouth. It is true that the perfect cake can give a transcendental experience to whoever tastes it. Especially when the cake and its toppings meld well together, it will give you an unforgettable taste that will leave you wanting for more. The appearance of the cake draws people in but its taste will make them stay. Just know that out of all the qualities of the best cake, taste is a deal breaker. If it just looks good but it disappoints in taste, then you should steer clear away from it.

Firm and Smooth

The perfect cake should be firm and smooth as seen in its texture. This is where the consistency of the cake is measured. The tender flavor of the cake is attributed to the well-prepared ingredients and technique that bakers pride themselves in. The cake should rise completely and it should hold the absence of the taste of the batter. Cakes that are firm and smooth are special because this usually means that the freshest ingredients are used to make them.

Notably, in some cases, the firmness of the cake is probably because it is made with lesser but fresh ingredients. The more preservatives that are injected into the cake, this provides more assurance that it is probably not good. The lesser the ingredients, the better the cake. The best cake can only have a few ingredients like fresh eggs, milk, vegetable oil, sugar, and flour, and this will still be a heavenly treat. Do not underestimate its short roster of ingredients because the perfect cake relies on simplicity to give the best-tasting sweet dessert that is synonymous with happiness, in its best form.

Things to Remember When Buying the Best Cakes in the Philippines Where to Look

Things to Remember When Buying the Best Cakes in the Philippines: Where to Look

The things to remember in buying cakes all boil down to many different elements that will satisfy a great experience in cake-tasting. In addition to fulfilling the requirements regarding the good qualities of the cake, you should also take different factors into consideration. Puzzled on what to think about when buying a cake in the country? Check them out here!

  • Style

The perfect cake would hold its own ground in terms of its own style. Whether it is a simple design or an extravagant one, the style of the cake will provide its distinct feature for everyone to enjoy.

Remember that style is a matter of subjective preference because some prefer an extravagant presentation in cakes even if it compromises the taste. Simple cakes hold the true essence of a perfect tasting experience. Style can fade but the taste is forever!

  • Personality

The personality of the cake is without a doubt an important factor in selecting one. Although each cake can have their very own style, the personality that comes with it is unmatched. This is what causes people to line up and wait in the hopes of having their personal encounter with divine taste.

The personality of the cake will shine in the way it leaves a lasting impression on people. It is easy to say that a cake is good but is it worth having another try? Its personality will determine that for you.

  • Reviews

Reviews are a great way to know where to buy the best cakes in the Philippines. With the digital world as your guide, you can now search for meaningful reviews and detailed experiences with the cake. This will help you in anticipating the experience that you can have with the cake as well as seeing the positive experiences that other people have encountered.

Not only that but you will know what methods are used to create the cakes. Usually, fresh-baked traditional cakes are proven to be the best. You are guaranteed to receive the great secrets to making the perfect cake.

Reasons Why You Should Choose the Best Cakes in the Country

Reasons Why You Should Choose the Best Cakes in the Country

So you have all of the great qualities of cakes down pat but do you know where you are going to buy them? You might think that you shouldn’t be bothered with the task of looking for the perfect cake but once you find it, you will regret not looking earlier. The search for a great cake will all be worthwhile which is why you should devote time and effort to it.


Finding Happiness in a Box

You have heard that money can’t buy happiness but buying a cake comes close. The flavors of the cake as the beginning of a great culinary experience will attest to this. No wonder why many celebrations call for a tasty cake to grace the event. With high-quality ingredients and a bakery’s commitment to making people happy, nothing can go wrong.

There is nothing better than going home to your family and seeing their faces light up when you bring a great-tasting cake. This is equated to the simple happiness that brings out the beauty of life. All the more reason to know where to get the best cakes in the country.

Making Good Memories

Studies say that there is a great connection between taste and the generation of memories. You never know when you are going to have a first-hand experience with the perfect cake so might as well savor the moment. Because it can also be a symbol of happiness for a lot of people, remembering them would be easy.

Life is too short to dwell on bad memories but hey, at least we have cake right? Kidding aside, cakes are the best way to remember an event because this completes the whole celebration. Just one bite and you will be transported back to the time when you first had it.

Where else to Buy the Best Cakes in the Philippines than Original Cake

Where else to Buy the Best Cakes in the Philippines than Original Cake?

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