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Original Cake Arrives in Manila with the Help of SEO Philippines

July 4, 2019 | SEO Hacker Specialists

Located at the Tamsui District of New Taipei, Taiwan, the Tamsui Old Street is being flocked by locals and tourists every day. It is an area full of shops for food and entertainment. One of its famous shops offers the fluffiest and softest cakes in Taiwan; Original Cake. Filipinos knew little about the flavor of Taiwanese baking. Because of that, we knew that we had to bring Original Cake to Filipinos next through the help of SEO Philippines.

Our humble beginnings started with one single outlet in 2010. It is our mission to serve freshly-baked traditional Taiwanese cakes with only the highest quality ingredients we could find. Staying true to our commitment, we were able to start shops in other parts of Taiwan; one in Shilin District and one in Zhongxiao Road Taipei City.

The secret to our success? Our 8 cakes baked to perfection:

  • Original flavor – based on a golden mixture of fresh eggs, milk, and flour.
  • Cheese flavor – two layers of sliced cheese that brings a delicate mouthful experience.
  • Spurted Chocolate lavor – rich chocolate flavor and aroma.
  • Pork floss and Laver flavor – two layers of pork floss and laver resulting in a salty-sweet flavor combination.
  • Healthy Dried Longan flavor – a unique recipe with dried longan that brings an interesting taste.
  • Almond and Nuts flavor – a cake with mixed nuts and almonds.
  • Cranberry flavor – baked with pink cranberries that brings a wonderful and vibrant taste and aroma.
  • Banana flavor – rich and pleasant smell and flavor of a banana.

With the success of our three shops in Taiwan, we knew that expanding throughout Asia and eventually the world is our goal. We wanted to bring the traditional cake flavors of Taiwan and share it to the rest of the world. And so we started opening up shops in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Arrival in the Philippines

Original Cake’s arrival in the Philippines was subtle and not as loud as other brands revealing that they are opening a branch in the country. We started a Facebook page and we already felt the love and excitement our Filipino fans have for us.

We also saw that Filipinos are always online and thus we realized that having a website for an online presence is important. Other Original Cake branches also have their own websites. It allows us to connect with our customers. While we don’t sell our cakes online, our websites allow us to be closer to our customers and give them information about our brand and store locations.

Original Cake’s Philippine Website

Since we don’t have a big team in the Philippines yet, we acquired the services of SEO Hacker by Filipino motivational and leadership speaker Sean Si to handle our website for us. They built our website from the ground up making a well-optimized website.

But web development is not the only thing SEO-Hacker is known for. We also acquired their Search Engine Optimization services to make sure that Original Cake Philippines’ website is visible to searchers who are looking for the best cakes in Manila online.

We started out with 5 keywords to target that will provide us with a significant increase in our online presence:

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  • where to buy the best cakes in the philippines

Original Cake Website Launch

The Original Cake Philippine website was launched in October 2018. Little to no one knew about the website. Our social media presence was not really strong and so we were putting all our faith on SEO. The content of the website was still thin, but it looks just as beautiful as the other Original Cake websites.

We also launched a blog to share informational articles not only about our cakes but also about baking and having a bakeshop business. We wanted to share not only our delicious cakes but also our knowledge and passion for baking.

The rankings steadily increased as weeks go on. The SEO-Hacker team continuously built the website, produce articles, and build relevant links. Even though the Original Cake store is not yet open, the website was receiving visitors every week.

Original Cake’s Grand Opening

Original Cake had its grand opening at SM San Lazaro in January 2019. With the help of our online presence through SEO and our Social media channels, the opening was a success. People lined up to get a taste of famous cakes from Taiwan. Free cakes were given away for the first 300 customers and those cakes didn’t last long.

Search Engine Optimization really did its wonders. Having an online presence and gaining visibility online is just as important as promoting your products through traditional marketing techniques. With the massive and still growing usage rate of search engines, making sure that your business appears when a person searches for a related term to  your business will guarantee success.