Fresh Baked Series

Original Cake

Based on a golden mixture of fresh eggs, milk and flour, the cakes with original flavor create a creamy mouthfeel and savory natural aroma from eggs and milk. Take a bite and experience the taste of happiness.

Fresh Baked Series

Golden Cheese Cake

With two layers of sliced cheese filling plus cheese powder sprinkled on top, the silky texture and delicate mouthfeel bring to you nothing but delightfully fresh and elegantly simple cheese flavor while low sugar, low fat health concept makes it ideal for the whole family to enjoy.

Chocolate Cake

made with HERSHEY’s Chocolate

Brimming over with rich chocolate smell and creamy mouthfeel, the dark bittersweet baking chocolate chips in the cakes not only convey rich chocolate flavor but teem with the magic of happiness.

Chicken Floss Cake

Coming Soon