Qualities of a Good Cake Shop in the Philippines

Qualities of a Good Cake Shop in the Philippines

October 9, 2018 | maigne

Filipino always celebrates with food with desserts playing a major role in their celebrations. While we have traditional sweets such as puto and kakanin, cakes have become a big part of our food culture thanks to history and globalization. No wonder, every city in the Philippines has a cake shop nearby—one you can easily get to when the need arises.

With so many of these local and foreign businesses popping up, it can become difficult to choose. But you don’t have to taste the cakes of every store you see to know what is good. In fact, you can judge a store after a first observation or after a quick glance at its website. You just need to know the criteria for a good cake shop or bakery. Let’s discuss them one by one below.

They Have a Cake for Every Occasion

They Have a Cake for Every Occasion

Everyone has at least one special occasion to celebrate that should include cake on the menu. When we think of special occasions, many of us think of annual holidays like Christmas or Halloween. It could also be special events with loved ones like birthdays and anniversaries. These are the times when we buy a cake that will act as the dessert at the end of a full-course meal. Although some families opt to bake their own, more prefer to buy a ready-made cake from their favorite cake shop in the Philippines.

During these noteworthy days, there are certain flavors that we (or more specifically the celebrant) crave. For example, children would go for vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry cake for their birthdays. Adults, on the other hand, may look for a more sophisticated type of cake—such as an airy and creamy cheesecake.

For those who want the best of both worlds, there are a few cake shops that they can visit that will provide them with cheesecakes sporting their favorite childhood flavors. This could be the most ideal option if you want to please everyone who will celebrate with you.

If you are looking for the best cake in Manila, you must visit Original Cake for our scrumptious looking goodies that will surely make your mouth water! We have traditional baked goodies with various flavorings—vanilla, chocolate, and cheese. We also serve a basic chocolate dessert with a twist named the “Dirty Bom.” It has the usual cocoa outer layer, but its inside has custard filling that seeps out like lava when bitten. It is meant to replicate the mechanism of a volcano.

It’s also important to note that a good cake shop in the Philippines should be capable of serving freshly baked cakes no matter what occasion you are celebrating. If possible, they should even be able to show you that they are indeed newly made. After all, cakes are perishable goods that must be consumed within a given timeframe. Plus, cheesecakes are no longer that good to eat when they have been out of the oven for a long time. They are much better when they are still a bit hot.

If there is no occasion and you are craving a cake, remember that you don’t have to wait for one to buy this treat. You can have a simple dinner with your family and friends; then, later bring out a cake. This should be a good surprise for everyone in your party—a happy ending to a difficult day or week!

They Have a Variety of Flavors

They Have a Variety of Flavors

When a cake shop only sells three to four flavors, it can get a little boring for a lot of people because there is not much variety.  Unless your products are very good, customers won’t get attracted to your shop if this is the case.

Every business should not be afraid of innovation, especially in this age of constant information. People can easily look at websites of different restaurants and bakeries. They will, then, be able to judge its worthiness based on their menu. A good cake shop in the Philippines will have flavors that would make them stand out and grab the attention of cake lovers. Plus, food places with exciting and unique dishes are more likely to prosper over their competitors because customers will see that they have products other restaurants don’t have. When you have noteworthy flavors that taste really delicious, cake lovers will assume that your business really cares about the quality of your products.

A good cake shop in the Philippines also finds ways to surprise their audience. When this successfully happens, cake shops usually get free promotion through word of mouth, online reviews, and testimonies on social media. If the cake shop near you has appeared on Facebook or other social media platforms because of their flavors, then it is most likely worth going to.

For example, they may add a new flavor depending on the need of the majority of their customers. Original Cake created a pork and lard-free Kurma cake for their Muslim customers since they cannot eat these ingredients due to Islamic Law.

Technically, we were never told to do this. However, we chose to serve an unspoken need. In return, we were able to gain the loyalty of these specific customers.

In addition, a store is worth going to if the business is not afraid of taking advantage of trends as inspiration for their flavors. For example, people tend to favor certain flavors depending on the seasons. Filipinos tend to enjoy foods that have hints of fruits flavors or actual fruits in the summer because these are considered refreshing during the hot climate. Harimao Durian, Apple, and Appleberry cakes are all desserts that would most likely to appeal to them. These Harimao Handmade Cake series have 2 layers of fruit paste each; their names have been inspired by their paste flavor.

In short, a good cake shop should have variety. Variety, after all, is the spice of life!

The Staff and Ambiance Is Welcoming

People are logical beings. But we are also capable of being emotional. We can’t help but be drawn to experiences and things that make us feel loved or happy. Cakes are one of those foods we all assume is supposed to make us joyful. This is why it comes as no surprise that many people look for these sweets once in a while. In short, cakes are not only remembered by their great flavors, but also by the experience one had in the cake shop where they got their treats.

This is why it is important for a bakery or a cake shop to have staff that will warmly welcome you. The staff of a good cake shop in the Philippines should always be welcoming to every consumer. We’re pretty sure you would be reluctant to enter a store if the cashier looked very unhappy or bored out of his mind. Since you care about the company, it is only fair that you will also feel cared for. You want your go-to cake shop to have friendly staff members that you could chat with and could easily ask a question (or even cake suggestions) from. As much as possible, you want the staff to be happy!

The happiness of the staff is indicative of the company itself. The cashiers and bakers are motivated because of the opportunities provided to them. They should also be treated fairly and as a family. The chefs should also be in a jolly mood so they could easily bake your goods with love and care they. You wouldn’t want to eat something that has been bitterly made, would you?

Additionally, happy employees usually mean high efficiency. You can expect that your order will be made with absolute care because the bakers do not have problems that will lessen their focus.

This could be also the reason why stores where you actually see the workers bake or prepare the cakes seem to be so popular. It feels very intimate and it shows that the food place is confident in the orderliness of its staff.  In Original Cake, customers are given the chance of viewing the chefs slicing freshly baked goods and watching them place those in individual boxes for order.

All of these factors contribute to the welcoming ambiance of a cake shop. Overall, you want to get food from a place that is safe, precise, productive, and positive!

They Have a Story to Tell

They Have a Story to Tell

All businesses exist because they have a purpose, which is beyond money. While profit is important, a company rarely succeeds if earning money is their only motivation. Customers also find it hard to trust profit-driven sellers because they seem so impersonal or even inhumane. Hence, a good cake shop in the Philippines will always have a story to tell through their mission and vision. Usually, these factors can be read in their shops or on the company website itself.

A mission acts as the company’s direction and indicates what they do and who they serve. The vision, on the other hand, is what they want to eventually become. For example, if you’re a seller who specializes in traditional cakes in your country, you should ask yourself what should be the purpose and story of your business. Your mission could be to share the traditional taste of your country. For your vision, it could be baking fresh cakes that bring happiness to everyone.

If a cake shop in the Philippines has all of these, you can trust that it is not only interested in earning money. It is worth your time and worth your cash.  The owners really put a lot of thought into the type of experience they wanted their goods to offer, and genuinely want to fulfill your needs and desires. You can literally taste the love in each bite.

Original Cake, for example, has been created with the purpose of giving every customer a taste of their home country Taiwan, while consistently baking high-quality cakes to make you smile. They wanted to envoke the feeling of nostalgia and the remembrance of simpler times. You know that this is a shop you can eat at if you ever crave food that reminds you of Asian flavors—a taste that is very close to home!

 Why Everyone Should Have a Good Cake Shop in the Philippines to Go To?

Why Everyone Should Have a Good Cake Shop in the Philippines to Go To?

The answer is simple. It’s because you deserve to have one as a customer who loves cake. Even if it is not your favorite dessert, you’ll still find yourself wanting to eat at least a piece of cake during special occasion or during an intense craving. As a customer, you would want a cake shop in the Philippines that you can trust—a place that will always deliver cakes that has the best quality! Plus, who doesn’t want to have a go-to cake shop that you know will instantly make you happy?

A good cake shop will satisfy your needs and cravings no matter what the occasion. You deserve a place that will just know what you want from their selection. Think of it as a go-to coffee shop, where your barista just knows how you drink your coffee.

Additionally, it’s nice to have a go-to cake shop since you already know that they have an excellent menu of cakes to choose from. There’s no need for you to worry about buying something that you would end up disliking. This means that your money will not get wasted because you know that it will go to something you love.

Why Is Original Cake a Good Cake Shop?

Why Is Original Cake a Good Cake Shop?

Original Cake was founded in 2010. We started as a single outlet in Taiwan and end up expanding to other Southeast Asian countries—such as Singapore—but we remain true to our philosophy of serving simple but delicious cakes that bring our customers feelings of nostalgia. They especially look forward to our jiggly cake series with three flavors: original, cheese, and chocolate.

We are dedicated not only in making our customers taste the culture of Taiwan, but also serving them fresh baked goods that make everyone smile. Original Cake looks forward to continuing growing to other countries, including the Philippines. Once you taste our cakes, you’ll know where to buy the best cakes in the Philippines!

We aim to be a place you can consistently delightful cakes from for any purpose or event. To view our mouth-watering cake selection, click here!