5 Secrets to Baking the Best Cake in Manila

5 Secrets to Baking the Best Cake in Manila

What are the secrets to baking the best cake in Manila?

  1. Use the best ingredients available
  2. Measure the ingredients accurately
  3. Allow ingredients reach room temperature
  4. Invest in high-quality baking equipment
  5. Follow instructions down to the letter


Cakes are perhaps the most popular dessert in the face of the planet; not a lot of people can say they aren’t a big fan of cakes. People buy the best cake in Manila to celebrate every single occasion – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and holidays. Since someone’s celebrating something at any given day, the demand for this amazing dessert doesn’t decrease at all regardless of the week, month, or year. They’d even buy it for no special reason other than to satisfy a craving or soothe a sweet tooth.

There are a lot of reasons why cakes are among the world’s most popular desserts or perhaps at the top of the list. One is that they’re the perfect accompaniment to any type of cuisine, so people don’t mind indulging in a slice after any meal. There’s also the fact that they’re available in a wide variety of flavors from rich chocolate to exotic durian, making sure you don’t ever get bored of the dessert. The best part about this is you can purchase cakes at a relatively affordable price. Of course, the price depends on the size and quality of the cake but price ranges are so wide that it can suit anyone’s pockets.

Many are left so amazed and fascinated by the art of baking when the truth is that it’s very basic. There are definitely some secrets that go into creating the best cake in Manila but they may not be as mind-blowing as you think. Don’t believe us? Then, read more as we divulge what these are and share with you how the best cakes are made!

 Use the Best Ingredients Available

Use the Best Ingredients Available

We’re sure that every baker would agree with us when we say that what goes in the oven comes out as it is. Skill and talent can definitely go a long way but it can’t turn low-quality ingredients into the best cake in Manila. Because of this reason, only the best ingredients available are used when baking the most mouthwatering and delectable cake. Anything that falls short of the standard is not used as it affects the quality of the product.

You may think that it’d cost a fortune but it’s actually way less than people think since there really isn’t much that goes into baking a cake. The most basic and necessary ingredients are eggs, butter, milk, flour, and oil. Any master baker could use these five alone to bake high-quality goods.


Measure the Ingredients Accurately

After getting ahold of the best ingredients, the next thing that bakers do is measure them accurately and exactly as the recipe indicates. You may not think that this is important but measurements are actually what differentiate light and fluffy cakes from dense and inedible ones.

Ingredients can be measured either by weight or by volume. Two different sets of measuring cups – one for wet ingredients and another for dry ingredients – are needed to get volume measurement. The use of a single measuring cup for both types of ingredients can actually lead to a low-quality cake and is not recommended. Weight measurements, on the other hand, are considered to be the most accurate and is acquired through the use of a scale.

Bakeshops invest on either of these tools depending on the type of cake they want and the recipe they use. At the end of the day, what’s important is they get the perfect measurements.

 Allow Ingredients Reach Room Temperature

Allow Ingredients Reach Room Temperature

Here’s a technique that many in the baking industry think is a secret but is actually pretty well known across non-professional or home bakers: allow your ingredients to reach room temperature before using them. This simple and effortless method can actually make a world of difference when it comes to baking.

Naturally, this doesn’t apply to all types of cake, but ingredients should definitely be at room temperature nine times out of ten. Cold ingredients result in a tougher cake while the opposite produces a cake that doesn’t have much rise. For this reason, the best of the best gather their ingredients and leave them for 20 to 30 minutes to allow them to reach the right temp.


Invest in High-Quality Baking Equipment

There’s a common misconception that going into baking requires a lot of money but that isn’t actually the case. Those who make the best cake in Manila don’t actually use the most expensive equipment in the market, they just use those that are of good quality. Such things can be bought from any restaurant or bakery supply store for a relatively cheap price.

Moreover, their kitchens aren’t packed with baking tools and equipment, and only have the most necessary ones at hand. Examples of these are cake pans, spatulas, measuring cups, scale, sifters, mixers, cooling racks, and an oven. Items that are of good quality are capable of lasting a long time and may even be passed down to the next generation. With these, there will be no need to buy things over and over again which can definitely cost a lot.


Follow Instructions Down to the Letter

Baking is much closer to science than it is to art. Unlike cooking, there’s not much room for mistakes. After the mixture’s been put in the oven, there’s nothing else to do but send out a prayer and hope that it turns out good. There’s also less room for experimentation as bakers can’t simply adjust the quantity of ingredients or substitute one for another. Doing this can alter the end product and may even result to a different baked good altogether.

Such disasters are avoided by following recipes and instructions down to the letter. The only time bakers are allowed or even attempt to make changes is if they’ve mastered the craft and have an understanding of how ingredients and methods can affect the final product. Otherwise, they stick to the exact method and ingredient list needed to bake the best cake in Manila.


Key Takeaway

These are but some of the secrets to baking the best cake in Manila. People may not even call it that as some of these are pretty well-known even among non-pro bakers. Regardless – whether they’re secret or not – following these five things are always guaranteed to the most indulgent cake that everyone should definitely get a bite of!


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