Secrets in Running a Successful Bakeshop Franchise in the Philippines

Secrets in Running a Successful Bakeshop Franchise in the Philippines

What are the secrets in running a successful bakeshop franchise in the Philippines?

  1. Establishing a good partnership with the franchisor
  2. Strategic location
  3. Instilling collaborative work among employees
  4. Providing the best customer service
  5. Offer unique food items


Most professional bakers and franchisors will tell you that in running a successful bakeshop franchise in the Philippines you must not only have the passion in making high-quality goods and delivering excellent service, but you must also be prepared to hands-on with your business.

Of course, it takes more than these things to reach success in this industry. You need to follow some top secrets to maintain an exceptional bakeshop franchise despite being surrounded by competitors (who may or may not be offering similar products and services). Continue reading below to find out some of the ways on how to make your bakeshop franchise successful.

Establishing a Good Partnership with the Franchisor

Establishing a Good Partnership with the Franchisor

Like marriage, it takes two to make a franchise work.

You need to have an open communication with the franchisor. It is also your responsibility to follow the process they already established in your own shop. Keep in mind that this has been tried and tested several times, which means that you are less likely to fail if you follow the steps they laid down for you to find success.

If you have any inquiries or suggestions, feel free to talk to your franchisor. In fact, you should communicate consistently and constantly with them. Most franchisors require submission of monthly reports, which includes your sales, so be sure to submit it on time. Give yourself and your team enough time to complete it so you won’t end up rushing.

Try to make mutual decisions with the management before coming up with strategies to attract new customers. Be transparent with your franchisor. You might experience a few problems throughout the whole franchising process. But you shouldn’t keep these to yourself. Who knows? Your franchisor, together with your fellow franchisees, has already faced them and can provide you with some tips on how to handle them.

Lastly, be financially secure and stay committed to the franchise. At the end of the day, you will be building a great partnership that will make your expenditure worth it.


Strategic Location

One way for people to easily notice a new franchise is through a good location.

Choose the best location with a lot of foot traffic. Usually, business owners aim to establish their shops in a site where people from different backgrounds frequent. The best example of these is a shopping mall.

It’s important to identify the best environment for the franchise to succeed. Even if the location is good on paper or it is exactly you have envisioned, you must analyze the areas and inspect the traffic patterns. If it’s hard to access for other people, customers might not bother coming to your shop.


Instilling Collaborative Work Among Employees

Being a hands-on franchisee is one thing. However, it is more important to instill collaborative work among your employees so you can achieve a lot more goals compared when they are working alone.

To achieve this kind of environment, make sure to hire high-quality people for the operations from the get-go. Once you have your dream team, be sure each and every member is working toward the same vision and purpose.

Working hand-in-hand with your franchisor and with your employees will get you closer to your goals. A strong collaboration culture and a good franchise relationship must be considered when doing the various provisions for a franchise agreement.

Providing the best Customer Service

Providing the best Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is always the key to customer loyalty. Ensure your employees are properly trained in providing your products and services. However, they must also be versed in customer service.

Quick, accurate, and friendly service to provide the best cakes in Manila is what your customers are looking for. By giving them a great customer experience, you will not only keep loyal customers, but also attract potential ones. For sure, your loyal clients will share either by word of mouth or by social media and will make interested parties want to try your goods and services.

In addition, it is much easier to retain regular customers than attracting new ones. As much as possible, get some feedback so you will understand what your customers are looking for.


Offer Unique Food Items

Before you become a franchisee, you probably started as a regular customer who showed support to your franchisor’s products and services.

Now that you’ve decided to franchise the shop, you aim to convince others on why the food items are great and different from competitors. Be creative and resourceful. But don’t sacrifice the quality of the products. Talk with your franchisor first before considering adding a few twists on the menu.

Once you received approval, ask your customers to rate the new food items. See which of them has the most sales. This should encourage more people to try the items you are offering. In order to find the best cake in Manila, people will surely want to strive to taste all the cake in your shop.


Key Takeaway

Investing in a bakeshop franchise in the Philippines takes a lot of preparation, patience, and hard work. After all, opening your dream bakeshop won’t be that easy; there will be a few hurdles in your way.

However, learning how to continue the marketing process from the flagship owners, you will be able to follow their vision and achieve your main goals. In time, you will be on your way to building more branches.


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