5 Great Reasons to Open a Bakeshop in the Philippines

5 Great Reasons to Open a Bakeshop in the Philippines

Why should you open a bakeshop in the Philippines?

  1. To satisfy people’s love for baked goods
  2. You only need a small capital to start your business
  3. You can make easy profits without much effort
  4. You will grow as a baker and an entrepreneur
  5. You will enjoy a job where you do what you love


If you have a passion for cakes and the mind for business, then you may have thought about starting your very own bakeshop franchise in the Philippines. It is, after all, a great way to do something you love while earning more than enough for a living. A lot of people have dreamt about doing this themselves – mixing passion with work – but don’t have the skill, talent, capital, and/or courage to push through. Assuming you have all these, then we can guarantee you that you won’t regret your decision.

You might have been held back by people who continue to whisper the negative implications of getting into the bakery industry but it’s time to ignore their words and continue with what you want to do. There are always going to be risks in starting a business or franchise – as there is with everything you do. The only difference is that these risks are very much worth taking since the benefits heavily outweigh them – a fact that many choose to ignore.

People may find this hard to believe but, out of the many businesses that you can put up in the Philippines, a bakery is without a doubt one of the top choices because for many reasons. We’ve listed some of them below so continue reading to find out more!

 Satisfy People’s Love for Baked Goods

Satisfy People’s Love for Baked Goods

Rice may be the most popular and loved staple food in the Philippines but baked goods are a very close second. The people’s penchant for this type of food is no secret and very apparent with the number of successful bakeries in the Philippines. Even with their number, products still end up getting sold out before the day ends and that speaks a lot about how much Filipinos love baked goods.

You might be thinking that there is little need to penetrate the industry given the abundance of bakeshops in the country but there’s always a market that hasn’t been tapped yet. A niche bakeshop that has quality products is sure to attract many individuals and gain lots of profits.


Open Up Shop with A Small Capital

You don’t need much to open up your own bakeshop. There’s very little logistics involved in this as compared to other types of business. You may even rent a space in a location near you (you don’t have to go so far from home). However, you should be aware of the area you plan to open your shop – it must be populated enough to guarantee sales.

In addition, a small capital is all you need to be able to franchise a bakeshop in the Philippines. The best thing about this is you don’t have to pay for your own advertisement since the brand will likely to do that for you!

 Make Easy Profits Without Much Effort

Make Easy Profits Without Much Effort

You can easily gain profits through a bakeshop if you build your business in a high-traffic location. People are going to flock your business based off of the enticing smell of the baked goods alone. No one can resist this hunger-inducing scent and they’re sure to always buy something off your shelves as they pass by. If your products are of great quality, then you can guarantee that they’ll keep coming back for more, leading to the creation of a loyal customer base.

The best part about bakeshops is that they’re considered to be recession proof. People are always going to be willing to pay for fresh products that they can enjoy. Baked goods are amazing comfort foods that are highly likely to attract customers no matter what happens.


Grow as A Baker and an Entrepreneur

If you value learning, then you’re going to enjoy opening up your own bakeshop as it will allow you to grow both as a baker and an entrepreneur. You can sharpen your baking skills for as long as you want in order to create products that your customers are going to enjoy. At the same time, you get to know more about the world of business and entrepreneurship.

While you can argue that you can do all these things by attending the right institutions, the greatest bakers and entrepreneurs would tell you that nothing beats the lessons learned from experience. These are the ones that you can actually use in real life and remember for the remainder of your life.

 Enjoy A Job Where You Do What You Love

Enjoy A Job Where You Do What You Love

We’ve already laid down four great reasons you should consider or reconsider opening a bakeshop in the Philippines. If you still aren’t convinced, then maybe the image of enjoying a job that allows you to pursue your passion could finally push you to take that metaphorical leap.

Not a lot of people can say that they love what they do for a living mostly because they weren’t ever given the opportunity. You, on the other hand, can turn the stuff of dreams into reality.


Key Takeaway

There are a lot of good reasons to open a bakeshop. Of course, there are risks that come with it too, but the same can be said for any other business. In this case, however, the benefits heavily outweigh the risks, so there’s really no need to hesitate. If you really have the passion for baking, the right mind of business, and the courage to face trials, then opening a bakeshop is sure to be a great choice for you!


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