A Baker’s Must-Have Tools for Making the Best Cake in Manila

What are a baker’s must-have tools for making the best cake in Manila?

  1. Measuring cups
  2. Mixer
  3. Spatula
  4. Cake pan
  5. Cake tester
  6. Cooling rack


Baking skills and knowledge are certainly important if you want to make the best cake in Manila. You can really accomplish a lot – baking-wise – with skills and knowledge but we can assure you that they’re not going to be enough to help you create the best baking creations. For you to reach the level of the professionals, you also have to use the tools and equipment that they use on the regular. When you combine these tools with your baking talent, then you’re sure to end up with the most scrumptious baking confections.

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that these tools and equipment are heavy on the pockets. People often think that it takes tens of thousands to be able to purchase them and enjoy baking when the truth actually suggests otherwise. Sure, there are baking tools that are expensively priced, but you don’t have to go for those. You can choose affordable ones which are of good quality that you can use for a long, long time.

Moreover, you don’t actually need a kitchen full of baking tools in order to start whipping up cakes and cookies. You’re only going to need a very limited number of items to be able to fully enjoy the craft and serve up the most delectable desserts. If you want to find out more about the must-have tools for the passionate baker, then continue reading!


Measuring Cups

Baking is an exact science and there’s little to no room for adjustments and improvisations. It is very different from cooking in the sense that you can’t add ingredients later on if you feel it lacks in taste or texture. When you’re baking, you have to put ingredients exactly as they appear in the recipe and there’s no way to remedy a problem once you’ve put the batter in the oven.

Among the many aspects of baking, measurements are of the utmost importance and they should be followed right down to the milligram or milliliter which is why you should have two good sets of measuring cups by your side – one for dry ingredients and another for wet ingredients.



Mixing batter is a difficult job that you’d want to do with either a stand or hand mixer. Although you can get it done with a whisk, investing in mixer makes it so that you can add on ingredients as the batter is being mixed. There’s also the fact that you may be required to whip egg whites into stiff peaks for the recipe and that’s going to be quite the workout with a whisk. Ultimately, mixers make it easier on the muscles and are quite useful when you bake in large batches

Mixers are probably the most expensive tools in this list but you can surely find ones that are within your budget. Again, don’t be tempted to go for the most expensive mixer on the market. A good-quality and affordable one should suffice.



Spatulas are necessary not only to scrape down the side of the bowl – as some recipes would indicate – but also whenever you are instructed to fold the mixture.

Folding is the culinary term for gently incorporating a delicate mixture into a heavier and thicker mixture. In baking, it is often whipped egg whites that are folded into any kind of batter. The purpose of this is to combine the two mixtures without bursting the air bubbles in the lighter one which then leads to a fluffier and smoother cake or product that almost melts in the mouth.

The best way to execute this action is through the use of a rubber spatula. A wire whisk can also be used but it’s easier to mess up and agitate the light mixture when using this.

 Cake Pan

Cake Pan

There are many different types of cake pans in the market – Bundt pan, tube pan, loaf pan, round cake pan, rectangular cake pan – and they all have different uses. You don’t need to have them all, though. Just make sure that you are using the type that is indicated in the recipe and be careful not to interchange them. Not all of them can be used as a substitute for the other so keep that in mind.

When it comes to buying cake pans, try to splurge a little. Don’t buy pans that are available at a grocery store and opt for those available at specialty or baking stores. These are the cake pans that can conduct heat steadily, allow the batter to rise, and keep the crust delicate. In short, they’re ideal for baking the best cake in Manila.


Cake Tester

Experts can easily judge a cake’s doneness solely through visual cues but amateurs may not be able to successfully do the same thing. Aside from the appearance of the cake, other indicators are the level of browning and how it pulls away from the pan. While you can use these things to see if your cake is ready, these indicators vary from one cake to another.

There is, however, one cue that is consistent throughout all varieties of cakes and that is the consistency of the crumbs. You can use a cake tester to check this by poking it with the tool and seeing if any kind of batter sticks. Toothpicks are also useful but a little bit wasteful, so better have a cake tester at the ready.


Cooling Rack

There is yet another process that is essential to baking and that is cooling. You do this in two different ways – when the baked goods are in the pan or when they’re out of the pan.

You may be asking why you need a cooling rack for this when you can simply put it down on the table and let it cool naturally. Well, that may be an option but it isn’t the best one. Simply placing it on a table prevents air from cooling the bottom portion of the cake, which means you won’t be able to release it properly.

Wire cooling racks are elevated and allow for steady air flow that can uniformly cool down all portions and sides of your cake. It also shortens the process of cooling since the entire cake is exposed.


Key Takeaway

These really are the only tools you need to make the best cake in Manila. Surprised? You shouldn’t be! Anything you thought you needed probably isn’t necessary for the baking process. At most, they offer a few benefits that help make the task easier or more accurate. If you’re tight on budget and can’t really afford the fancy tools and really want to get into baking cakes, then you should be set with just using these six tools!


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