The Brand Story

A bite of Original Cake is all it takes to conjure up feelings of nostalgia. Original Cake’s signature offering, the traditional delicacy, stays true to its roots.

The cake, which originated from the scenic riverside Tamsui Old Street north of Taipei, Taiwan, has stood the test of time to maintain its status as a preferred delicacy among many consumers in Taiwan and now, the Philippines.

With ingredients like fresh eggs, milk, vegetable oil, sugar and flour, the beauty of our cakes lies in the simplicity found in these fresh, high-quality ingredients which form the perfect base that our skilled bakers use to craft delightful, fluffy cakes in front of onlooking customers. 

Founded in 2010, Original Cake started as a single outlet in Taiwan. At present, we have since grown from strength to strength with a total of three outlets in Taiwan. Meanwhile, our expansion to the Philippines also saw rapid growth for Original Cake.

Original Cake is committed to delivering our delicious and traditional slices of enjoyment across the world. Our business has expanded to countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, and here in the Philippines. In committing to our vision of serving high-quality cakes everywhere, more branches in both the Philippines and Taiwan are now in the works. All while we are still looking into expansion into other countries such as Thailand, Australia, and the United States of America.

Our Vision

Sharing the taste of Taiwanese tradition to the Filipino people.

Our Mission

To deliver happiness through freshly-baked traditional Taiwanese cakes made with high-quality ingredients for the Filipino people to enjoy every day.

The Original Cake Philippines

What brings TOC to the Philippines?

The Original Cake has been in Singapore and Indonesia. Our team has decided to grace the shores of the Philippines to share our delicious products to the Filipino people. We want to share with them the taste of traditionally baked goods from Taiwan.

Why bring traditional cake making to the Philippines?

The Philippines probably knows little about traditional Taiwanese baking. The Original Cake team wants to enlighten the Filipino people’s taste buds to the wonders it can bring to them.

Why does it give a unique taste that Filipinos will like?

The Original Cake’s baked goods have been done traditionally. This means that they are baked with trained bakers using natural ingredients. Health-conscious customers can rejoice on the fact that it has no preservatives which very unlike the other products offered by other bakeries.

Why does it taste fresh and healthy?

The cakes, as well as other confectioneries, baked by The Original Cake are all made fresh! Furthermore, our bakers do not make use of preservatives and unnatural ingredients. You can bank on the fact that our goods will be as organic as it is delicious!

Why is it baked out of love?

The Original Cake’s goods are baked right in front of the customers. This means that they do not come from a factory but rather from the hands of a well-trained baker, who loves baking. You can put your trust on them to provide you with delicious-tasting cakes that will make your mouths water!